Monday, March 30, 2020

Good morning 4/5 graders! I sure hope you all had a nice Spring Break! I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 11:00 on Zoom. I sure hope this works!!!!! We will all need to be patient with each other as we adapt to distance learning. I have been on Zoom myself a few times but have never set up a meeting myself. My fingers are crossed that I did it correctly and that we can all be together for a little while. My plan is to read you the next chapter of our read aloud, James and the Giant Peach.  We will be using Google Classroom for our distance learning. I am learning right along with you and I'm sure I have or will make many mistakes working with this program. That being said I'm still excited, as well as apprehensive, to begin next week Monday, April 6.

The answer to the last brain teaser is: Show you his pot of gold or give you his pot of gold. Getting that correct was: Maddy, Lindsey, Zac, Hailey, Jylian, and JoJo.

The answer to the last Super Sleuth is: Oprah Winfrey Having the correct answer is: Lindsey, Zac, Jylian, Mason V., and Keira.

Today's Brain Teaser:  yggiP Ride   hint: positional puzzle like we've done before
Monday Super Sleuth Clue: I was created over 100 years ago

A couple of pictures parents or students have shared with me.

Jylian's Art. Isn't it gorgeous?
Mason making breakfast for himself and his Mom.
What a neat kid and kind thing to do!

As always be good to your parents and siblings, pray often, and God bless you and your families. 
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