Saturday, May 11, 2019

Playing the games we made for science

Our trip to St. Josaphat Basilica and Discovery World in Milwaukee, We had an amazing day! We celebrated mass with Father Walter in the beautiful basilica and then we went to Discovery World where we interacted with a lot of  hands on displays. Some of us laid on a bed of nails while others tried out the virtual reality games. All in all it was a wonderful day!

Listening and learning about the history of the Basilica 

Group shot!

Group shot from steps of the knave of the Basilica

Patrick and Jackson serving at mass
Jylian and Rowan reading

Huge fish tank at Discovery World!
KayLee mesmerized  by the fish

Father Walter and Hailey
Looks like Hailey has spotted something interesting!

Celebrating Mrs. Look's birthday! Delicious cakes and Mickey/Minnie party hats!
Thank you to all who gave me such a wonderful day!