Sunday, November 24, 2019

Here are a few pictures from our science experiment. We built hovercrafts to see if air movement has any effect on motion.

In Religion class we are learning about the sacraments of initiation. Please take the time to ask your child about which ones they are. The kids made posters about their assigned sacrament and had to teach the class about it.

Social Studies finds us learning about the ancient civilizations of the Mayan, Inca, and Aztec empires. We made flipbooks to summarize what we have learned. They will have a test on this unit this week Wednesday.

Continue to encourage your child to memorize multiplication facts. They are extremely important this year and next as we do a lot of multiplying and division.
Also I'd like to remind you that the kids should be on RAZ at least twice a week, more if possible.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019 New School Year

For science last week we did a STEM activity with Solo cups. The object was to restack the 6 cups that were bottom to bottom into a stack that was layered 3 cups, 2 cups and 1 cup. The kicker was they could only use a rubber band with 4 pieces of string attached to it. Here are a few pictures of the gang in action.

This year I am  using  Class DOJO. This is a program that rewards students for positive behaviors. The students earn points for such things as passing a test, doing something kind for others, using their work times well, etc. They may lose points for being too loud, being unkind to others, not having homework done or their planner signed, etc. They have a set amount of points to earn a month. Those who earn enough points will be rewarded with a movie at the end of the month. The kids must earn 22 points each if they wish to see the movie for September. Any one who does not earn these points will sit in the hallway and do work. How can you help? Ask your child how many DOJO points they have earned so far. Encourage them to use their work times well, help them study for tests. 

The first quarter is always the hardest for the 4th graders. This is a time when they are learning to use their work time well, growing more independent and realizing that they have responsibilities. I work on these skills throughout the year. After all I am preparing them for middle school where their teachers will expect this of them and more. Please let your child carry their own backpack! It is theirs and therefore their responsibility. Please help your student study for tests when they come up. Quiz them using their study guides or make your own flash cards. This is the time when they learn how to study for tests and how long they must study. Some kids can do it in one night while others  need to study a bit every night. I will do my best to let you know when a test is coming up. To that end, spelling tests are every Friday unless we don't have school on a Friday. When that happens the test will be on Thursday.
    Please practice multiplication & division facts with your child. It is imperative that they know them well this year. We spend more than half the year multiplying and dividing. Use flash cards, find an app, use playing cards to play War with them. First one who says the correct multiplication answer wins those cards.(You may have to throw the game a bit to give them the opportunity to answer first). 
   Tomorrow I will introduce a book report form the kids need to complete and color. It's not hard at all! It will be due at the end of September. They may do it on a book they read over the summer, one they are currently reading or choose a new book to read. 
  Finally, on a normal day, the kiddos should have about an hour work time in school. When I am working with a reading or math group the kids have time to work on their homework. If they are coming home with hours of work then they most likely are not using their time well. This time management skill is another skill they need to learn. 
   My door is always open and you can email me as well. I love this group already and look forward to a great year with them. 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Playing the games we made for science

Our trip to St. Josaphat Basilica and Discovery World in Milwaukee, We had an amazing day! We celebrated mass with Father Walter in the beautiful basilica and then we went to Discovery World where we interacted with a lot of  hands on displays. Some of us laid on a bed of nails while others tried out the virtual reality games. All in all it was a wonderful day!

Listening and learning about the history of the Basilica 

Group shot!

Group shot from steps of the knave of the Basilica

Patrick and Jackson serving at mass
Jylian and Rowan reading

Huge fish tank at Discovery World!
KayLee mesmerized  by the fish

Father Walter and Hailey
Looks like Hailey has spotted something interesting!

Celebrating Mrs. Look's birthday! Delicious cakes and Mickey/Minnie party hats!
Thank you to all who gave me such a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The fourth and fifth graders are working very hard on making game boards as a review for their Science chapter on ecosystems. They are using a STEAM Crayola kit that was donated by Mr. Look and the Crayola representative. The kit comes with game boards, all kinds of fun markers, clay to make game pieces, and a number of other fun supplies.  Here are a few pictures of the kids creating their boards.
Jackson, Hailey, Chase, and Patrick

Owen, Rowan, Jylian, & KayLee

Rowan coloring a giraffe

Rowan, Owen, Jylian

The kids wrote their own questions and answer cards as well as designing the game boards. When the game boards are completed I will be
sure to get some more pictures uploaded.
Chase, Hailey, & Patrick

by Rowan
by Jackson

Don't these sundays just make your mouth water?!  I think the 4/5 graders did a fabulous job creating these!
by Patrick
by Jylian

by Hailey

by Chase

by Owen
by KayLee

Sunday, February 10, 2019

We are involved in a science lab. The question is "Do animals respond to stimuli?" The answer is YES! We knocked on our desks and watched our worm to see what response it would have. The worms responded by moving. Then we touched it with a Q-tip at various areas of its body. The worms reacted to the touch too. Next we placed it into a cup of dirt and touched the  worm again. This too created a response in the worm. All of the worms began to dig into the soil for protection. Through this experiment we learned that animals do respond to outside stimuli. We were able to infer that they respond to stimuli to protect themselves from predators.