Sunday, April 7, 2019

The fourth and fifth graders are working very hard on making game boards as a review for their Science chapter on ecosystems. They are using a STEAM Crayola kit that was donated by Mr. Look and the Crayola representative. The kit comes with game boards, all kinds of fun markers, clay to make game pieces, and a number of other fun supplies.  Here are a few pictures of the kids creating their boards.
Jackson, Hailey, Chase, and Patrick

Owen, Rowan, Jylian, & KayLee

Rowan coloring a giraffe

Rowan, Owen, Jylian

The kids wrote their own questions and answer cards as well as designing the game boards. When the game boards are completed I will be
sure to get some more pictures uploaded.
Chase, Hailey, & Patrick

by Rowan
by Jackson

Don't these sundays just make your mouth water?!  I think the 4/5 graders did a fabulous job creating these!
by Patrick
by Jylian

by Hailey

by Chase

by Owen
by KayLee