Sunday, September 17, 2017

Deacon Jeff giving instructions to the 5th graders on how to raise the flag properly. Thank you Deacon Jeff for helping us.

The fifth graders had their first of many Flashlight Fridays. I think they really enjoyed themselves as after recess I came into our room and they had returned right back to their reading spots and were fully engaged in reading once again! Here are a few pictures of them reading.



Randi Jo





On Friday I asked the kids if they were up for a challenge. I challenged them to read 40 books by the middle of May. They gave a resounding "YES!" in reply. I will keep track of the amount of books they read here at school. They may read any genre but it must be a chapter book. They must prove to me that they have truly read the book by answering orally some questions about the book. The 40 Book Challenge is not mandatory. It is meant to encourage the enjoyment of reading. Children learn by example. So I ask you to be mentors for your kiddos. PLEASE read yourself! Set a time every night, 15 minutes to half hour, that your family drops everything and just reads. You can all be reading individually or better yet read to your kids! They love it!!!! I know because I read to them every day and they just can't get enough of it! Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my Dad reading Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox to my brothers and I. He would do the voices and all! Now that he is gone I treasure those memories. Don't you want that for your children too?

In Religion class I introduced the students to a type of prayer called Lexio Divino. I hid some rocks that had bible verses on them around the Church landscaping. They found one of these rocks, looked up their scripture reading in their bibles and then found a quiet spot away from others to meditate on their verse. They then wrote about the verse telling what they thought God was trying to tell them through it. When they were finished writing they exchanged their work for a coloring page that had their verse on it. I am in the process of  backing their pictures and will hang them up in the hallway when I'm finished with them. So be sure to check them out when you are in the building. Photos of the kids participating in this activity can be found on our school website.

A reminder that 5th grade math is all about multiplying and dividing.  If you know your child doesn't know their facts well you may want to consider buying a set of flash cards at the Dollar store or find a program on line. There are many great math and spelling programs out there that are free. Spelling City is one and Timez Attack is another.