Thursday, April 2, 2020

Good Morning my favorite kiddos! This morning your parents received an email from Mrs. Cowart explaining how to access Google Classroom. I'm pleased to announce that JoJo, Derek, Owen and Keira have all signed in. Keira you are signed in because I used your account to see the site from the student's angle. Keira you do need to go in to change your password though. Boys and girls remember to write down your new password once you change it. Put it in a safe place. Take some time over the next 4 days to familiarize yourself with Google Classroom so that on Monday you are up and ready to go to school!!!! You need to sign in every morning by 9:00 AM. You will be marked absent or tardy if you do not. You can sign in under Attendance. Just click on the one that says "I am here and ready to learn".

The answer to Wednesday's Brain Teaser is: Going on a Diet   Getting that correct are Owen, JoJo, Chase, Zac, Keira, and Lindsey.

Today's, Thursday, Brain Teaser is :   REST                                               
(HINT: Something a policeman might say to a criminal)

Thursday Super Sleuth Clue:  I revolutionized the home video game experience.